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DigiTrak F2

DigiTrak F2 - Overview

The DigiTrak® F2™ delivers the most popular features of the Eclipse® locator with enhanced sensitivity and greater ease of operation.Discover the next generation ball-in-box locator. The revolution continues.

The DigiTrak F2 incorporates DCI’s patented 3-D antenna and “target-in-the-box” locating with a new depth screen display for exceptional accuracy and clarity.

The 2 dimensional bird’s eye perspective is viewed on the same screen as the depth view. This means for the first time with a HDD locating device you can actually view the drill head location in 3 dimensions in real-time.

The data display screen is streamlined to provide transmitter roll, pitch, signal strength and temperature in a single column view. The locating display is free from clutter.

It’s picture-driven menu structure removes language as a barrier to using the system anywhere in the world.

The menu and screen views are easily navigated with a single switch/trigger interface.

The real-time, bird’s-eye view provides operators with critical on-the-fly steering ability and directly contributes to on-the-job productivity and moneysaving opportunities.

The complete system includes a handheld receiver, F Series display, battery charger, rechargeable lithium-ion batteries to power the receiver and remote display, DC power cable as an option to power the remote display from the drill rig, and carry case.

DigiTrak - F2
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