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HDD Drill Pipes - Universal HDD

Ditch Witch HDD drill pipes

* Replacement Drill Pipes

Part Number HDD Machine Tube OD Wall Price
U-369-318 JT520 1.13” 1.75” CALL
U-400-842 JT920L 1.63" 2.00" CALL
U-400-963 JT921 1.58" 2.00" CALL
U-400-1118 JT922 1.58" 2.00" CALL
U-355-1005 JT1220 1.82" 2.38" CALL
U-400-843 JT1720 2.06" 2.50" CALL
U-401-339 JT2020 2.06" 2.63" CALL
U-400-844 JT2720 2.38" 3.00" CALL
U-400-845 JT2720M1 2.38" 3.00" CALL
U-400-1031 JT3020M1 2.38" 3.00" CALL
U-400-846 JT4020 2.63" 3.25" CALL
U-400-847 JT4020M1 2.81" 3.50" CALL
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