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HDD Drill Pipes - Universal HDD

Compatible Vermeer Drill Pipes

Hunting Original Vermeer Drill Pipes

  • Is made up solely from one piece of material so that it has the same chemical makeup for the threaded connections and the mid-body tube with no weld zone between them.
  • Raw material, or green tube, is saw cut to an exact calculated length to ensure proper finished length tolerances.
  • Ends of the green tube are then heated to produce a workable material for the forging or upsetting process.
  • Upsetting process forms the steel to create the desired outside diameter, inside diameter and tong length required for the pin and box connection.
  • The tube is then heat-treated to a specified grade or hardness and straightened.
  • The upset ends are then precision machined and threaded.
  • Inspection

General Specifications:

Hunting Original Vermeer Drill Pipes:

Part Number HDD Machine Tube OD Wall Length Connection Price
U-HI222394 D6X6 1.315" .179W 6' HIWS1 CALL
U-HI216492 D7X11 1.66" .191W 6' HIWS1 CALL
U-HI219006 D10X15 1.66" .191W 10' HIWS1 CALL
U-HI230993 D16X20 1.90" .240W 10' HIWS1 CALL
U-HI230993 D18x22 1.90" .240W 10' HIWS1 CALL
U-HI221628 D24X26 2.063" .260W 10' HIWS1 CALL
U-HI222276 D24X40 2.375" .254W 10' HIWS1 CALL
U-HI222455 D40X40 2.375" .295W 15' HIWS1 CALL
U-HI222452 D50x100 2.875" .392W 15' HIWS1 CALL
U-HI222452 D80x100 2.875" .392W 15' HIWS1 CALL
U-HI222454 D80X100 3.500" .449W 15' HIWS1 CALL
U-HI281600 D24X33 2.063" .260W 10' HIWS2 CALL
U-HI294566 D33X44 2.375" .295W 10' HIWS2 CALL
U-HI284153 D33X44 2.375" .295W 15' HIWS2 CALL
U-HI294642 D36X50 2.625" Flush .400W 15' HIWS2 CALL
U-HI276305   2.625" .400W 15' HIWS2 CALL
U-HI276307 D55X100 2.875" .440W 15' HIWS2 CALL
U-HI276376 D100X120 3.500" .449W 20' HIWS2 CALL

Aftermarket Forged S-135 Drill Pipes For Vermeer

Part Number HDD Machine Tube OD Wall Length Connection Price
U-DP7X11 D7X11 1.66" .191W 6' HIWS1 $169.00
U-HI230993 D16X20 1.90" .240W 10' HIWS1 $189.00
U-DPV24x40 D24X40 2.375" .254W 10' HIWS1 $219.00
U-DP80x100 D80X100 3.500" .449W 15' HIWS1 $509.00
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