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Horizontal Directional Drill UNI 10x15

Overview of UNI 10x15

Harr Technologies, owned and founded by Bob Harr, has developed a revolutionary method for cleaning and restoring clogged and damaged culverts. It all started a few years ago when Bob Harr noticed county workers open cutting a road to remove a clogged culvert. After further observation around his hometown in Colorado, Bob Harr noticed road washouts and failures due to clogged and damaged culverts.

Technical Specification

After seeing a need for an efficient and effective way to clean these clogged culverts, Harr spent much time researching and developing culvert cleaning attachments for his horizontal directional drill(HDD). After much testing and tool modification, Harr had developed a set of tools and a revolutionary methodology to effectively clean clogged culverts.

Technical Specification

During the past few years, Harr and licensed contractors have marketed and demonstrated this process to railroads, DOTs, counties, municipalities and other entities and have developed a new industry for culvert cleaning using HDD technology. To expand this industry, Harr has licensed contractors throughout the United States to use his patented tooling and methodologies. Licensees have exclusive rights to use the culvert cleaning process withing their assigned districts.

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