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Horizontal Directional Drill UNI 110x120

Overview of UNI 110x120

Universal HDD’s UNI 110x120 horizontal directional drill was specifically developed for mid-level and long range construction applications; well-matched and industry leading components provide optimal use of engine power, torque and rotation which promotes high performance, high productivity, high power and ensures long machine life.

Technical Specification

  • 110,000 lbs of thrust & pullback force (maximum)
  • 160-80 rpm of rotation speed (at low and high displacement)
  • 12,000-6,000 ft/lbs of torque (at low and high displacement
  • 200 g/m @ 1,200 psi on-board mud pump
  • 275 hp Turbo Diesel John Deere engine
  • Complete specification

Features of UNI 10x15

  • Auto=Greaser
  • Double rack & pinion
  • Automatic Rod-Loader
  • Enclosed, extended climate-controlled cab
  • On-board crane
  • Complete video monitoring of working cycle
  • Rod Support
  • Active centralizer
  • Full list of features
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